Giants must win and receive help to reach the playoffs

The New York Giants will host the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday at MetLife Stadium in the Big Apple. The Giants must win, and get some help, if they hope to get in the playoffs and try to defend their Super Bowl title from last season. The team has faltered down the stretch and has been one of the bigger disappointments of the season. This Sunday, however, they face a team that has disappointed even more this season in the Eagles. The Eagles are just 4-11, but do seem to have something to look forward to in their future.

The Eagles will most likely be making a coaching change after this year from long-tenured coach Andy Reid. That is not something they should exactly look forward too, but they do have what appears to be an up and coming quarterback in their rookie Foles. Michael Vick is most likely going to be walking out the door with Andy Reid and Foles will be taking his spot. Given a healthy Shady McCoy, Foles should be able to really grow in the offense quickly.


The Giants will have to take a hard look at what happened to their offense down the stretch. Eli has played like he was hurt down the stretch this year and the team in general has suffered many injuries. A few weeks ago the Giants looked like they were ready to legitimately defend their title, but that quickly became a distant memory. Given a miracle, It is unlikely to see them playing come January.

Why did Tebow never get a chance?

The New York Jets sure got their money’s worth out of Tim Tebow this season. NOT…the team has instead made another crucially terrible decision that will cost the team more then just money. It will also cost the team and players to question the leadership of this team, which starts at the quarterback position. It is clear that Mark Sanchez is all but done in New York. This probably was sealed when the team acquired Sanchez, which seamed to crush the quarterbacks attitude along with any confidence he did have. The leadership question then transfers to above and the coach Rex Ryan.

Last week, Tebow decided to talk to the man himself after he was not given the chance to start when Ryan decided to sit Sanchez. Instead, Coach Ryan started McIlroy who did nothing to give the team a spark as they lost 27-17 at home against the Chargers. Tebow reportedly was upset about this and talked to Ryan about it. Personally, I too do not understand why he would not get the start.


Given how much they paid to get Tebow, and his record last season as a starter, he should have gotten the chance. They always say that as a quarterback it is all about wins and losses. If that is true, then Tebow has proven he should get to be out there. He does not do it pretty or blow you away with his numbers, but in the end he can get the wins. Let's also be honest…Sanchez never blew the roof off the place either. In the end, it is the Jets who will have to ask and answer all these questions.

Who will be the worst of the worst in New York?

The Bills fell 24-10 last week against the Miami Dolphins in Miami. The Dolphins did not allow a Buffalo touchdown until late in the fourth quarter. They also scored a touchdown themselves in every quarter but the fourth. The Dolphins were eliminated from the playoffs, despite the win, as they needed a lot of help from other teams losing to get in.

The Dolphins looked flat on offense as they have the majority of the year. It seems when their offense struggles their defense does as well, but when the offense does well the defense does even worse. This has caused many L’s for the team and they will need more defensive acquisitions to fix this.

The Jets got embarrassed even worse as they fell 27-17 at home against a struggling Charger team. Both teams are now 6-9, but the Jets had a chance to at least win and say they were better than San Diego. Mark Sanchez was benched for McIlroy who did nothing to show he was the answer for the team’s future. Tebow was upset about this and let Rex Ryan know it. Frankly I can not blame him as it does not really make sense for the Jets to have even paid the money to get Tebow. Regardless, Sunday’s game will at least show who is the worst of the worse in NY.

Jets will travel to Jacksonville to try for a win


The New York Jets will continue their tumultuous season this week on the road in Jacksonville. The Jets have seen their share of awful play this season, but did see some success last week in a pitiful win against a poor Cardinals team. The Jets have fallen so far despite having a majority of the same players they had in seasons that saw them make runs to the playoffs. Technically, the Jets are not eliminated from the playoffs yet, but it would be more then a miracle if they made it in. First they would have to get past a Jaguars team that is playing much better behind new starter Chad Henne.

The Jets barely squeaked by the Cardinals last week in what may have been the most pathetic game the NFL has seen in recent memory. The game ended 7-6 in favor of the Jets who pulled Sanchez to “give the team a spark”. Backup quarterback Greg McElroy did just that as he drove the team down for a touchdown on his first drive in the game. He ended the contest 5-7 for 29 yards and a touchdown. This was after replacing Sanchez who threw 3 interceptions. Despite this poor performance by Sanchez, he may still get the start this upcoming week.

The Jaguars are coming off a tough 34-18 loss to the Buffalo Bills in New York last week. The Jaguars have been playing much better since Chad Henne has replaced an injured Blaine Gabbert though. The team has suffered injuries earlier in the season to Maurice Jones Drew and seems to have been cursed for the most part with a lot to address this offseason. At the same time, though, they could still easily beat a good Jet Team.

Bills will host Rams at 1PM Sunday


The 5-7 Buffalo Bills statistically are not out of the playoff hunt all-together at this point. They will, however, need to win out and get a lot of help if they dream of getting in. This week they will face the up and coming St. Louis Rams. The Rams are just 5-6-1, but have been playing great team football as of late and could easily get by Buffalo despite the Bills being at home. They just got an enormous win last week and seem to be headed in the right direction under new veteran coach Jeff Fisher. The game is set to kickoff at 1 PM ET at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Buffalo comes into the game after a big 34-18 win over the Jaguars last week at home. The win still was impressive given how great the Jaguars had played the two weeks prior to the game with Buffalo. Despite the Jaguars 2 wins, Blaine Gabbert had been out with an injury and Chad Henne has been replacing him. Henne has looked to be a much better option for the Jaguars, but did not give the bills much trouble last Sunday as they shut him down defensively to get the win.

The Rams too got a win last week at home, but against a much better opponent in the 49ers. The game ended 16-13 in overtime with just 30 seconds left in regulation. If the Rams would have missed their last minute field goal, the game could have ended in a tie, which is the same way the team’s first contest earlier this season ended. This week’s game in Buffalo could figure to see much more scoring then that seen in St. Louis last week.

The battle between 2 bad teams...


Two hapless 4-7 teams will meet this Sunday to see who can be the worst of the already bad. This will occur at 1 PM ET at Metlife Stadium in New York when the Jets take on the Cardinals. Both teams have had very different seasons, but both have been equally awful. The Jets made the most talked about offseason acquisition when they got Tebow from the Broncos. That has so far been a bust, but not as bad as the offensive line of the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals started off 4-0, but quickly they went on their current 7 game losing streak.

Last week the Jets were blown out of the water by the Patriots who embarrassed them. Rex Ryan certainly should have the hottest seat in the NFL. His team has gradually gotten worse and worse while his weight got better and better. It almost seems like he lost some intensity and football smarts as he lost pounds. The team has not been plagued by injuries, but did lose their best defender in Darrell Revis. Otherwise, the team had high hopes and was a favorite by many to make the playoffs.

Arizona, on the other hand, had no high hopes. They did end up getting off to a great start, but quickly reality came to slap them in the face. Slap them it did, when they began to let sack after sack happen as both their starters went down. Ken Wisenhunt is now on his third quarterback, but more importantly, could be another coach facing the hot seat. Either way you slice it, this week’s game could be for a job.

Bills will host the Jags in hope for a 5th win


The 4-7 Buffalo Bills will take on the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo. Buffalo is coming off a loss to the Colts last week in Indianapolis. The Jaguars are just 2-9 on the season, but have nearly won 2 straight and did get a win at home last week. Both teams are not going to make the playoffs and will find themselves going for a high draft pick at the conclusion of the season, but this game will show what team is packing things up and which one will fight to the bitter end.

The Bills lost 20-13 last week against a Colts team that rarely loses at home. The Bills nearly single-handedly lost to Colt’s rookie T.Y. Hilton. Hilton had a kick return for a touchdown and a score from a Andrew Luck pass. The Bills had hoped to try and make a run as their schedule is getting easier down the stretch, but they can kiss any chance for the playoffs now. They should now look forward and see what exactly is needed to improve this team, which has a lot of promising pieces.

The Jaguars will present certain problems for the Bills especially from a defensive backs position. Chad Henne has played in the last couple games for the Jaguars and has looked more than impressive. Henne has already thrown for 830 yards and 7 touchdowns in his limited play. Gabbert, whom he replaced, has thrown nearly 3 times more passes than Henne with just 9 touchdowns to speak of. Henne will also be continuing to try and show the team that he should be the starter. 

NY football this season

Five regular season games to go.

Jets having serious issues

It's crunch time once again, as Turkey Day has come and gone and we head to the cold winter months and the nail biting football. One team that is going to dread the cold weather is the New York Jets who have been forced to eat humble pie. They brought Tim Tebow in and now most Tebow fans feel like the move has killed the career of the young quarterback.

The Jets season has been mired in controversy and now the famed 'Fireman Ed' has decided to retire after disappointing Jets football and having been harassed for openly supporting Mark Sanchez. Jets fans have had enough with Gang Green and the 49-19 whipping by the Patriots on Thanksgiving night was the lowest the Jets could go this season.

Giants all the way

On the other hand, the New York Giants must have enjoyed what has come to be known as the Thanksgiving Day Massacre at MetLife Stadium. Giants fans are polar opposites to Jets fans. They have been treated to two Super Bowl triumphs in a span of five years. Big Blue is on a roll this season too and we can expect big things from them. Eli is Elite unlike Mark Sanchez who has once again made sure to give his critics a heyday. They have busied themselves talking about how the Sanchise is the problem for the Jets Nation that otherwise has elite talent around the quarterback.

Bills game to be blacked out: a reflection of the times

I guess we can forget about the Bills. But it is NY and I had to mention them here. There isn't much to talk about them (sorry Bills fans) except for negative stuff like the Bills-Jaguars game at home being blacked out on local television. Let’s hope better times are ahead and it should be so.

Jets have another embarrasing loss

The Jets were embarrassed, once again, by the New England Patriots. This loss may be the most pathetic for the Jets in quite sometime, and should really shine a hot light on Jets’ Coach Rex Ryan. After the Pats dropped a bomb on the Jets, the dust settled to unveil a 49-19 score in favor of New England. More impressively, or disappointing, is the fact that the teams were in a 0-0 tie after the first quarter. New England moves to 8-3 on the season while the Jets fall to 4-7.

New England began its impressive run in the second quarter. There, they scored 35 points including 2 defensive touchdowns. They got another goose egg in the 3rd quarter before adding another 14 points in the fourth quarter. The Patriots continue to bury teams in what may be one of the most impressive offenses the league has seen in some time. Last week they wrecked the Colts 59-24 at home. This win was even more impressive since it was done in New York.

The Jets problems continue and are becoming more and more extreme. The jets were considered a shoe-in for the playoffs in the past couple years, but it is becoming more and more evident that they are nowhere close to a playoff position. They need to answer several questions before next season begins and should start looking for answers sooner rather then later. One thing that must be looked into is the head coach. Right now, it is hard to say what they will do about that position though.


Let's hope Eli can make it in the endzone this week



The past two Super Bowl winning teams will meet this Sunday in New York as the Giants will host the Green Bay Packer. The game will be played at New York’s MetLife Stadium where the 6-4 Giants will hope to get some luck at home. The team has struggled mightily the last two games and is in a bit of a panic mode right now. A loss could really hurt them for a chance at the playoffs. Thankfully, for them, their division has struggled just as bad and even worse then them. Green Bay, on the other hand, has been as hot as any team as of late.

The Giants last two games have seen Eli Manning throw no touchdown passes. Last game, the Giants lost 31-13 against the Bengals in Cincinnati week ten. They were on a bye week last week, which hopefully gave them time to figure out what has been happening on both offense and defense. The time hopefully gave them an opportunity to get healthier. This is certainly something that will help as they set to face a tough Packer squad.

The Packers are coming off a 24-20 win over the Lions in Detroit. They have not lost a game since week 5 in Indianapolis versus the Colts. The Packers are currently at the top of their division at 7-3 and would like nothing more then a win against the defending champs. The game will be televised nationally on Sunday Night Football on NBC at 8:20 PM ET.