Big Blue vs. Big D – The loser is in Big Trouble

Big Blue vs. Big D – The loser is in Big Trouble

I haven’t posted on this blog for a while and I guess you could say that I have been waiting to write about this Sunday Night Football clash that I am really looking forward to. With four more games left in this season including this one, the Giants will have to win this week to keep their hopes alive for a playoff run. Looking at the NFC standings, the Giants should still be able to make the playoffs as a wild card.

NY has two home games coming up against divisional rivals, but actually you could take it as three home games. This is because they play against the Washington Redskins on Sunday afternoon and then the following week they will play the Jets at MetLife Stadium which they share with the other New York NFL team. Following that they will wrap up their season with what looks like a crucial game against America’s Team in the final week of the season.

Ideally, the Giants should win all four of the rest of their games, but I can see them winning 3 of 4 and getting to 9-7 and still making the playoffs. But I think they should win all four because of playoff seed implications that are important as well.

The 6 foot 5 inch defensive end for the Giants Justin Tuck does not have any problem getting charged up for the Cowboys as he hates them more than the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins. A lot more fuel was added to Tuck’s fire when the Cowboys Pro Bowl linebacker stated that Tuck was jealous of the Dallas Cowboys and secretly wants to play for them.

As for the offense, Eli Manning had a pretty good game against the Packers last week and watch for him to take full advantage of his receivers Hakeem Nicks and Victor Kruz along with running backs Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs to make some big plays to get on top. Victor Kruz has already caught balls for over thousand yards this year and Eli is now taking care of the ball and not turning it over.